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Monday, 7 March 2011

Lanercost & Hadrians Wall Cottages

About 4 miles to the south of milecastle 54 on Hadrians Wall lies the 12th century priory at Lanercost. A historic location in the valley of the River Irthing, this is as peaceful and tranquil a spot as any you might find so close to the Wall.

The farm buildings adjacent to the priory have been tastefully converted into what is now one of the best quality tea rooms in the area plus six luxury holiday cottages which carry the top Enjoy England 4 star rating. So anyone looking for Hadrians Wall cottages at the west end of the wall which afford a high level of comfort alongside quality facilities, this an ideal option.

For those of you have explored Hadrians Wall to the west of Chollerford this marks the boundary of limestone as the bedrock. A geological fault just to the west of the priory means that the more dramatic sections of the wall will now be left behind as you head west towards the Solway.